Chimney Cleaning and Inspections

Can You Use Your Chimney Any Time of Year?

In summer, it is easy to forget your chimney exists. You spend more time outside than in, so you can enjoy the beautiful temperatures outside.

But when the cold weather comes, you want to cozy up by the fire. Then you realize, you have a fire hazard on your hands. You get nervous at the thought of using the chimney.

We live in Manitoba, too. We get that the furnace is more of a burden in summer, but everything you want in the winter. Everyone loves to get cozy and warm in the colder months.

We have been there for dozens of homeowners just like you when they have needed a chimney cleaning.

Feel warm and safe with a clean chimney once again.

Here's What You Can Expect...​

Long Lasting Clean

You should feel comfortable in your use of the fireplace for many winters to come.

Feel Much Safer

You shouldn’t have to worry about the hidden spots in your home. Now you don’t have to.

No Mess

Chimney cleaning is a dirty job. You shouldn’t have to experience it.

working with us is easy

Ultimate Chimney Cleaning System

You should feel safe and happy in your home.

Step 01.

Book your chimney cleaning

Step 02.

We inpsect and deep clean your chimney

Step 03.

Feel clean and safe everywhere in your home

Do You Worry About Using Your Chimney?

You know your chimney has been collecting dust for a while, and the chances of disaster constantly go up. It has been a while since you had your chimney inspected, let alone cleaned. This is a common problem for many homeowners.

As winter approaches, your want of heat increases, but you don’t feel comfortable putting heat into your unclean chimney. You are concerned about putting your family at risk. Though you know the winters in Manitoba are too cold without use of your chimney.

But you can get warm again.

After our visit, you will feel safe and warm while happily gathering around the fireplace or cozying up in your newly heated home.

Here's what you'll get...

Have Questions?
We've Got Answers

If you are having any issues with the operation of your fireplace or heating system, you should schedule a chimney inspection.

We also recommend getting an inspection on move into a new property, or if it has been a year since your last inspection.

Don’t wait! If an issue sits too long, it costs you more and can cause more damage.

It is best to clean your chimney before the cold season starts. We recommend thinking about a chimney clean about a month before you want to start using your fireplace!

You should have your chimney cleaned once per year. If you use it year-round, it is best to clean it more often. We also recommend looking in the chimney for soot buildup regularly to avoid potential hazards

It is highly recommended that you have your chimney cleaned once a year. If you use it more often, you should have it cleaned more regularly. 

No, we make sure that your home is just as we left it, but with a ready-to-use chimney!

Warm Your Home

We know you want to be safe. With an inspection or cleaning of your chimney, you can comfortably turn your heat up once again.