Fireplace Installation and Inspection

Can't Relax By The Fire?

You have always wanted a fireplace. But your home doesn’t have one…or the one you have is in disrepair.

Your space feels incomplete. You sit staring at the blank wall, or the old fireplace, with a frown on your face, and just picture what it could be with some work. 

We understand. Sitting by the fireplace reading a book, or chatting with friends fills you with a sense of warmth and relaxation. When you live in Brandon and surrounding areas, the winter feels like a great time to use every possible way to get warm.

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners add a glow to their homes with a fireplace installation and inspection. Your safety is very important.

Let us bring more warmth into your space.

Here's What You Can Expect...​

Get Cozy Quick

Your fireplace will be installed quickly and efficiently, so you can relax ASAP.

Know the Cost

We create a detailed quote so you know the budget throughout the project.

Sleep Easy

Your fireplace should be up to the highest standards so you always feel safe.

Add a new source of warmth to your home with our
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We sell high quality fireplaces and stoves. We can even install them for you!

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Our Fireplace Installation System

Your indoor or outdoor fireplace will fit perfectly into your home

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Book your in-person consultation

Step 02.

We install a fireplace into your home

Step 03.

Relax by your new fireplace

Aren’t you excited to get warm by the fire?

You shouldn’t constantly wish to have a fireplace, only to never have the experience. You pictured yourself curled up with a mug and a blanket. The natural heat setting the room aglow.

You can even spend time outside, gathered with your friends, roasting marshmallows by the fire. You let these thoughts sit in your head, but you never get your current fireplace properly inspected. Or add a new fireplace to your home. Never commit to finally making those images in your head a reality.

But you can bring your visions to life.

You can have the beautiful stone fireplace you always imagined. We inspect our fireplaces before we leave and we work with the greatest attention to detail. You will love your space and feel safe.

Here's what you'll get...

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Your fireplace is an important upgrade to your home. We expect it to last 20-30 years, as long as it is properly maintained!

A fireplace is a key staple in many homes. It is not only a talking point, but it is a great way to heat your home at a lower cost and gather with friends and family in a lovely atmosphere.

It is recommended to get a fireplace inspection done at least once a year (if you are a consistent user of your fireplace). If you find yourself using your fireplace heavily in the winter months, it might be good to increase the frequency of inspections. 

Yes! We sell both fireplaces and wood burning stoves. You can get more information on this page.

Love Your Time Cozy By the Fire

Get your fireplace inspection and fireplace inspection to get you warm by the fire in no time.