Masonry Consultation and Design

Why Not Get the Home You Want?

Why bother upgrading, if you aren’t going to be happy with the result?

Imagine you put in all the time and effort to upgrade your home, but you are disappointed in the result. You wanted the project to go off without a hitch. Instead, every step felt difficult.

We get it. You have a plan for your home and you want to love every moment you spend there. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners to help them create a plan that is optimized for their space and lives up to their expectations.

Don’t just imagine your plan, make it happen.

Here's What You Can Expect...​

Down to the Details

We care about your plans as much as you do. We aim to be thorough when we work through a project with you.

Love Your Designs

The planning phase is just as important as the build. Feel confident that your designs can come to life.

For Your Space

We work with your home, not against it. You know you have a great home, we want to help you elevate it.

working with us is easy

Our Design Process

Love the stone in your home again.

Step 01.

Book your in-person consultation

Step 02.

Create a design for your space

Step 03.

Love the plan for your home

Can You Trust Your Plan for Your Home?

You think it is easier (and cheaper) to go with the rough sketched plans you started with.

Sure, you have crossed things out, and only used approximate measurements, but that isn’t a problem, right? Until you spend even more money with a contractor, trying to reshape and change your plans. You end up with less money and unhappy with the final product.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to feel bad about your designs. You just need a helping hand to turn it into the perfect fit for your space. Enjoy the process of creating your home!


Here's what you'll get...

Have Questions?
We've Got Answers

It is definitely an added expense to hire us to consult. But, we will save you money in the long run by utilizing our 20+ years of experience to plan stone for your home.

You can, but it causes more confusion to the contractors and risks of many hours of back and forth. Start your build with confidence in your designs.

We have seen many people in this situation. Our goal as consultants is to advise you on how you can move forward. You will know your next steps to get rid of (or repair) any old stone to successfully bring in new work with fewer problems.

We can Design the space you want.

You don’t need to worry about having a design that doesn’t work. Let us use our experience to help you.