Stone and Brick Restoration

Do You See Cracks in Your Stone at home?

Do you constantly look at your stone and brick in hopes of it finally looking how you want?

Not only does the look disappoint, but you aren’t sure it will stay standing much longer. Visible cracks, judgement from friends. You are always nervous and unhappy when you walk through that space. The flaws in your stone just need to go away.

We get it. You want your brick to look great again. And you deserve to enjoy your space.

We are experts in the restoration and repair of masonry work. We have worked with hundreds of clients to restore their stone and brick to their best state.

We will work with you to bring your stone to life.

Here's What You Can Expect...​

Long Lasting Work

We want your brick to last 20-30 years after our work is done. Every detail counts when we re-build your structure.

Love the Look

We work with you to make sure your stone and brick looks exactly how it used to, or even with a fresh new look. It should reflect what you want!

Feel Safer

We focus on the strongest foundation possible. You will never be concerned again when the work is done.

working with us is easy

Our Restoration Process

Love the stone in your home again.

Step 01.

Book Your In-Person Consultation

Step 02.

We work with you to repair the stone the way you want

Step 03.

Relax and enjoy the refreshed look you hoped for

Are You Worried About the State of the Brick in Your House?

You can barely invite people over. Not only are you concerned about what they will think, but you fear them going near your stone…it could degrade even more!

Each week, the stone gets further from what you wanted. It just doesn’t bring you joy to see it in your home. You aren’t even sure it will ever look as lovely as it once did. 

But there’s no need to fret. Why not tackle the project head-on. 

Be the life of the party! Gather friends and family and show off your beautifully recovered stone. You deserve to love your home.

Here's what you'll get...

Have Questions?
We've Got Answers

When your stone is cracked, it can be a structural hazard. Even a stone wall in your front garden can collapse and leave you cleaning a much larger mess.

Any cracks in stone can make it unstable. And the larger the cracks, the sooner you should get it repaired. Always check for movement in the stone and brick in your home. 

We have worked on small indoor walls all the way up to the exteriors of large houses. Our focus has been on projects that require on high levels of skill, but we are happy to help on any masonry project. You can see examples of previous projects we have worked on HERE.

Don't worry about the masonry in your home.

We have a highly skilled team that wants to help you love the look of your home again.