Stone and Brick Installation

Do you want something more for your home?

You have always had a dream for your house, but just haven’t taken action. You have talked about it for a long time, but are always hesitant to pull the trigger.

But you look at your home, and imagine it differently. You just don’t get excited by the style of your house anymore.

We understand. It is so important to enjoy the special moments in your home. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners to install stone and brickwork that transforms their homes.

Raise your home to the next level.

Here's What You Can Expect...​

Focused on Detail

You have a vision for your stone or brick work. Our goal is to make it happen, right down to the smallest detail.

No Cleanup

We do the work, you can come home satisfied. We make sure to leave the spaces we work in cleaner than how we found it!

What You Love

We want you to be happy with the look of your home, so we work with you to create the home you desire.

working with us is easy

Our Installation Process

Transform your space with a beautiful stone and brick installation.

Step 01.

Schedule your consultation

Step 02.

We get to work

Step 03.

Love to relax in your transformed home

Get the Look You Want... Know the Price Upfront

Do you worry that the price of project could change at any given moment? One decision sends your costs way up? And in the end, your house doesn’t fit what you wanted.

This is a project you had thought about for months and planned precisely so no details would be missed. Somehow, you end up sad with no money left and your home isn’t at all like you pictured.

But it doesn’t have to happen that way.

We work with you to know that the plan fits what you want. We also create a detailed and accurate quote for your installation. When you work on a plan for months or even years, we want to help it come out as pictured. You should never worry about getting what you want.

Here's what you'll get...

Have Questions?
We've Got Answers

We aim to produce stone and brick that will last for many years in your home. However, the true length depends on the type of project, especially whether it is indoors or outdoors.

We have done a large variety of masonry work over our 40 years in business. We especially love to take on unique installations to really utilize our skills. You can look HERE to see some of the projects we have worked on.

We start with a consultation on each project we have to get a better understanding of the work we will be doing for you. After our consultation, we can give an approximate time estimate on the work we will be doing for you.

Similar to the length of time, we must first understand the work we are doing to give a proper cost estimate. We want to make sure you know your costs upfront. We will give you a precise estimate after an in-person consultation so you know your total for the project before the work even starts.

Transform your home into what you want.

You deserve to love every minute in your home. Let us help you get there.